5th of May 2021

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

They say that all good things must come to an end. Today we’re announcing that after six wonderful years, Jam is closing down.

To this day, we have thoroughly enjoyed everything we’ve done together. Our events were fun, different, and a pleasure to organise and run. You brought them to life and we couldn't be more grateful for all the great moments we enjoyed in your company.

In this announcement, we’d like to share the rationale behind this decision.

2020 has had a disastrous impact on society and the economy as a whole. From a business standpoint, companies operating in the events industry have been hit particularly hard.

Our revenues crashed, and we lost a considerable amount of money in deposits paid to venues – including Hawker House, who we were saddened to hear, are also in the process of closing down.

We successfully ran several online events throughout the year, but it quickly became clear to us that it was going to be impossible to recreate the experiences we'd created in the past, online.

But we didn't throw in the towel. At the end of the year, we attempted a pivot, and launched – Jam Club – an online community for our most committed members.

Our vision was to build a thriving space for growth-minded product leaders, offering intimate virtual workshops every month.

Pivoting from an in-person events company to an online community has proven significantly harder than we’d originally hoped, and the losses we accumulated in 2020 have proven too significant for us to overcome. And so now we’d rather stop here, celebrate the journey, and say a proper goodbye.

What now?

We’ll keep Jam Club open for the next six months. We won’t be moderating it or running any workshops, but you'll be able to access all workshop recordings, discussions, and member profiles. We hope you’ll be able to use it to reconnect with friends made at past events.

To claim your free invite just drop us a note at hello@makingjam.io.

You can also find all past talk videos on our YouTube channel.

Thank you

A huge thank you to our amazing team of staff and volunteers; Marta, Sunil, Jessie, Maria, Francesca, Stephen, Joan, Monica, Ecem, Steve, David, Michael, Mahtab, Eva, Gizem, Antoine, Jeff and all those that helped run our events every year. We’re deeply grateful for the friendship, shared memories, and support you’ve shown us over the years. We couldn’t have achieved everything we did without you.

Thank you to Doug and Chris at Intelligent People. You supported us from day one, and have always been a pleasure to work with.

Thank you to all our speakers and workshop instructors for all the brilliant content you’ve delivered over the years.

And thank you, for the good times we created together.

Seb & Mathilde




Wall of love

A double jam at #JAMConf17 today! Great to see how some of my favourite @Strava features were born. @sweet_UX.
Mateusz Tylicki
Product Manager at Kheiron Medical
Back at #jamconf17! This year I brought friends. Come say hi to the Pusherinos! #nobullshit is one of our values & a theme of JAM talks.
Jordan Harp
Product Manager at Pusher
JAM is a sweet spot between a meet-up and a bloated conference. It's a perfect way to break the daily routine, stop, reflect and think about the future. I love that the talks are based on real experiences - we're all going through the same challenges, and everyone has their own approach on tackling them.
Darius Matuliauskas
Head of B2B Product at TreatWell
So excited for a day Product fun @makingjam #JAMConf17 in quite possibly the best venue ever...
Ellie Budd
Product Manager at William Joseph
Amazing insight into designing for VR with @gabrielvaldivia at #JAMConf17
Marco Sousa
Product Designer at Facebook
I grew more as a product leader in those few days than any other conference or workshop I've ever attended. No doubt.
Kevin Shanahan
Head of Product at Memrise
Coming to the Product Leaders Weekend made me question if I wanted to keep attending big conferences at all. The fact that it was in nature really made it a pleasant break from the day-to-day, but it also allowed us to mentally be in a different place and think differently. I made some real connections with people, instead of awkward conference talk.
Ilya Blokh
Director of Product at Blinkist
This was such an amazing weekend! It was truly special to learn from, and be challenged by, such amazing peers: in talks and fireside chats, and over coffee, meals, and wine. I’m so glad that I decided to join this event, and that I met such brilliant people in such a lovely setting.
David McDougall
Managing Director
Day one of #JamConf18 and connected with the people of @monzo @lufthansa @Treatwelluk @Telegraph @jlandpartners @Photobox @weareberyl @thread - it’s been pretty incredible. Thanks team @makingjam!
Eva Liparova
Product Manager at Victoria & Albert Museum
The whole weekend was truly a next-level conference experience. I couldn‘t be happier about the opportunity to genuinely connect with so many amazing product leaders.
Tim Herbig
Product Leader & Author
The weekend truly exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed every bit of it. A big thank you to the JAM team and all of you who made it so special. I can't wait for the next one!
Thilo Koch
Head of Product
A one of a kind experience. Instead of focussing on chit-chat and presentations, we were able to truly connect with other like-minded participants.
Michael Willmott
Head of Product Management at Beryl
It's not a retreat, it's an experience. JAM took care of every little detail. Between the incredible location, the delicious food, and the inspiring people, this was he perfect way to unplug and find your people.
Koin Breyer
Head of Product
It was my first time attending JAM conference and it totally exceeded my expectations. The venue was incredible and the quality of the talks was superb. I cannot wait to join JAM Barcelona 2020!
Antonio González Sanchis
VP Product
JAM is an amazing place to meet those who experience the same work life as you. It's the perfect environment for learning and socialising with like minded people. Can't wait for the next one!
Leila Abidi
Product Owner
@makingjam scheduling of talks, allowing ample breaks, refueling & networking was spot on. Diverse, smoothly run & down-to-earth #JAMConf17
Christina Lai
UX Researcher at Rated People
Psyched for my first JAM conference today- best way to hone product management skillset is to hear examples /learnings from awesome product people #JamConf18 👌
Caroline Stretton
Product Owner at Lloyds Banking Group
Had a great time at #JamConf18 yesterday. Some great talks, met some great new people, tasty snacks, and tastier audience questions from http://sli.do 😏👍
Jesse Payne
Product Designer at Personably
What a fantastic day it's been at JAM! Huge shoutout to the #JAMConf17 team for connecting us all and making this amazing event possible!
Cindy Chang
Senior Product Designer at Intercom
JAM isn't a product conference where everyone is trying to shine and make themselves look good but a meet-up of product lover here to be honest and helpful. They just do things differently and it's very much in phase with the new generation of Product people and that's why I love them.
Lea Samrani
Head of Product at CharityJob
JAM is probably the best product focused conference in London, and the friendliest, most welcoming audience I've met at any conference.
James Gill
CEO at GoSquared
Brilliant conference @makingjam, my first time and am really impressed, great speakers, had a top day and gained a lot of insight. Really surpassed other (more expensive) Product conferences I’ve been to. Bravo 👏
Holly Niblett
Product Manager at carwow
This year, even though we were all remote, the same energy was there: that heartwarming feeling and sense of community of like minded people that want to create something meaningful for the world. Thank you Jam Team for constantly bringing inspiration and togetherness to product.
Mafalda Marques
Product Manager at Tray.io
To attend JAM Online I woke up at 2 a.m (Pacific time!). But the stellar program and format kept me excited and awake throughout the event. I highly recommend JAM to any Product Manager who is looking to grow and expand their knowledge. Workshops were the most interactive and hands-on I've attended.
Nicole Jendro
Product Manager at GeoCaching
JAM is an amazing place to meet those who experience the same work life as you. It's the perfect environment for learning and socialising with like minded people.
Leila Abidi
Senior Product Owner at Betway Group
I love that the talks are based on real experiences. We're all going through the same challenges, and everyone has their own approach on tackling them. Having attended all five Jams so far, Treatwell attendance this year was 12. We see a huge value at hearing and discussing the talks together. It keeps us aligned. We've also planned our first ever Treatwell Product Day right after this year's Jam to help become a better product team.
Darius Matuliauskas
Head of B2B Product at TreatWell
JAM is a fantastic source of inspiration and insight that brings together some of the best product and design minds in London. I’d recommend it to anyone to bring new ideas and meet great people.
Jamie Keen
Product Manager at DeepMind
Traditional tech conferences are about huge crowds, lousy name tags and tasteless coffee. Jam is just the opposite. I'll be back next year!
Chloe Donegan
Pre-Sales Engineer at Qubit
Cardboard chairs, red trainers... And interesting real-life product management stories. Yes, I'm at #JAM2016 in Bethnal Green.
Tim Sleath
Product & Data Privacy at Exponential
The most insightful talk I've heard in so long - love hearing someone learn, apply and share tangible takeaways. #jam2016
Timothy Platt
Product Manager at Capital One
I love how honestly @hugocornejo talks about the successes and challenges the @monzo app has faced #honestybestpolicy #jam2016 #design #tech
Sarah Benson
Product Designer at Qubit
Huge love to @hugocornejo recognising the biases that caused issues + actively fixing, great to have influential people call this out #JAM2016
Pauline Richey
Freelance Senior Product Consultant
At @makingjam #theremotepm @mattlemay reflects on how we can no longer compartmentalize. Not only because our children and pets photobomb our calls, but also because we no longer have the emotional capacity to do so.
Susana Lopes
Product Director at Onfido
Attending #TheRemotePM today to get me back in the product mindset after two weeks off. Already great value for money for the remote networking session alone - way better than nervous/awkward F2F networking!
Jeshua Maxey
Director of Product Management at Cytora
You can safely cancel all monthly product meet-ups from your calendar. JAM's annual get-together is pretty much all you need.
Steve Messer
Product Manager
An incredible day! The people, the presentations and the PARTY! 600 product people in one room it's impossible not to learn something valuable.
Garry Clarke
Digital Product Lead
Wow. What an event. It had Barcelona's vibe, while bringing international perspectives on what it means to build great products. And a truly diverse audience! Loved it.
Maria Stylianou
Engineer Manager at Monzo
Fantastic day with @makingjam running 5 different workshops for all tastes and needs! 💯🔥 I love this community too much! ❤️#JAMConf18
Maria Stylianou
Engineering Manager at Monzo
#JAMConf18 is THE #productmanagement event to attend in London this year. I spoke there 2 years ago and had an absolut blast. A honest, no-bullshit conference with lessons learned from the trenches. And this year, they have workshops too!
Antoine Sakho
Head of Product at busuu
It's like a summer camp for product people. Fantastic opportunity to bond, go deep, get vulnerable and learn from each other. I guess that's what you get when you share everything for 3 days! Also the setting is just 👌🏾
Antoine Sakho
Head of Product at busuu
The people, the energies, the location and the talks all made for a wonderful conference! The JAM team was awesome!
André Dantorp
Growth & Customer Success Manager
JAM London is an extremely well-curated event for Product and UX Communities. Being a sponsor was a great experience throughout the entire process. Not only it helped us increase brand and product awareness but we were also able to meet with many product enthusiasts that are as passionate about Product as we are.
Auberie Marceau
Field Marketing Manager, EMEA
Having attended all four Jams so far, Treatwell attendance this year was 12. We see a huge value at hearing & discussing the talks together -- keeps us aligned. We've also planned our first ever Treatwell Product Day right after this year's Jam to help become a better product team.
Darius Matuliauskas
Senior Product Owner at TreatWell
This was simply the best format for discussing product challenges, learning from leaders at the top of their game and networking the non awkward way. I can’t recommend it highly enough and look forward to the next one!
Jane Honey
Product Director at Intercom
Having attended JAM for 4 years in a row now, I would highly recommend buying yourself a ticket. As well as hearing lots of interesting stories and getting ideas about how to improve things where I work, I always end up meeting interesting and engaging people. A great day out of the office.
Sophie Graff
Senior Product Manager
JAM conference's philosophy speaks to my heart. They bring in new voices, cut through the clutter and help you Get shit done™.
Rachel Ilan
Senior Designer at Google
JAM Barcelona made me realise I wasn't alone out there in the crazy product management world. I learned tons from speakers and attendees.
Digital Product Manager
Great user research talk by @fionamclaren about redesigning Finnair’s booking experience #JAMConf17
at Skyscanner
Trendy venue, delicious food, cosy vibes. Perfect fit for the #JAMConf17 @StreetFeastLDN @makingjam
It was a brilliant event @makingjam - Well organised, inspiring speakers & the delicious food! My team and I throughly enjoyed it. #jam2016
Ji Young Kim
Meditator, Designer & Creative Director
JAM was really interesting and fun (as opposed to a lot of events I go to). I turned up solo from abroad, but met heaps of people.
Greg Gibson
Product Owner at Lufthansa AirPlus
Had a fantastic time at #JAMConf17, got to meet a lot of great people and hear some amazing talks. Thanks @makingjam for a super day!
Josh Blair
Digital Product Manager at Science Museum
#TheRemotePM from @makingjam has really reinvigorated me. I was feeling helpless in the current job market & today I feel I've gotten some great tools to make myself a more attractive candidate & a better PM"
Cat Robson
Product Manager
Jam Club is where product leaders grow together. Learn the skills that matter. Get community support. And go from good to great.
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