5th of May 2021

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

They say that all good things must come to an end. Today we’re announcing that after six wonderful years, Jam is closing down.

To this day, we have thoroughly enjoyed everything we’ve done together. Our events were fun, different, and a pleasure to organise and run. You brought them to life and we couldn't be more grateful for all the great moments we enjoyed in your company.

In this announcement, we’d like to share the rationale behind this decision.

2020 has had a disastrous impact on society and the economy as a whole. From a business standpoint, companies operating in the events industry have been hit particularly hard.

Our revenues crashed, and we lost a considerable amount of money in deposits paid to venues – including Hawker House, who we were saddened to hear, are also in the process of closing down.

We successfully ran several online events throughout the year, but it quickly became clear to us that it was going to be impossible to recreate the experiences we'd created in the past, online.

But we didn't throw in the towel. At the end of the year, we attempted a pivot, and launched – Jam Club – an online community for our most committed members.

Our vision was to build a thriving space for growth-minded product leaders, offering intimate virtual workshops every month.

Pivoting from an in-person events company to an online community has proven significantly harder than we’d originally hoped, and the losses we accumulated in 2020 have proven too significant for us to overcome. And so now we’d rather stop here, celebrate the journey, and say a proper goodbye.

What now?

We’ll keep Jam Club open for the next six months. We won’t be moderating it or running any workshops, but you'll be able to access all workshop recordings, discussions, and member profiles. We hope you’ll be able to use it to reconnect with friends made at past events.

To claim your free invite just drop us a note at hello@makingjam.io.

You can also find all past talk videos on our YouTube channel.

Thank you

A huge thank you to our amazing team of staff and volunteers; Marta, Sunil, Jessie, Maria, Francesca, Stephen, Joan, Monica, Ecem, Steve, David, Michael, Mahtab, Eva, Gizem, Antoine, Jeff and all those that helped run our events every year. We’re deeply grateful for the friendship, shared memories, and support you’ve shown us over the years. We couldn’t have achieved everything we did without you.

Thank you to Doug and Chris at Intelligent People. You supported us from day one, and have always been a pleasure to work with.

Thank you to all our speakers and workshop instructors for all the brilliant content you’ve delivered over the years.

And thank you, for the good times we created together.

Seb & Mathilde





JAM Online 2020

Your favourite product conference is going strong. 💪 Join the reunion from anywhere in the world. 🌎
12 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020

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Mon 12th Oct 2020 – 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

Jam session

This pre-conference warm-up event will offer the chance for all attendees to get together virtually, network and enjoy a live performance.

We hope you’ll join us to connect with each other ahead of the main event!


This year, candour matters more than ever. We'll open up honest conversations about the themes that matter to you.

Shaping the future

The world around us is changing faster than ever before. Our role as makers too. We have the power (and responsibility) to build more impactful products. How might we do this in practice?

Building resilience

In times of extreme uncertainty, resilience is a superpower. Let's explore the ways in which we can bounce back from adversity, turn hardships into lessons, and thrive in a fragile world.

Reinventing remote

Suddenly remote with more questions than answers? You're not alone. Learn how your product peers have adapted to going distributed –– from new rituals and tools to culture changes.

The line-up

Ed Cooke

Co-founder & CEO, Memrise

Ed is the co-founder and CEO of Memrise, a language learning app with 50 million users, and a unique approach to helping people learn, immerse and communicate in a language. Memrise was Google Play's app of the year in 2017, and has pioneered the use of rich media in learning. Ed's background is in philosophy and cognitive science, and his self-taught memory-palace skills led him to compete successfully in multiple World Memory Championships. 

...Read more

Todd Olson

CEO & Founder, Pendo

Todd Olson is co-founder and CEO of Pendo, a platform that accelerates and deepens software product adoption. Before Pendo, Todd served as VP of Products at Rally Software where he served through its public offering. Todd joined Rally via its acquisition of 6th Sense, a company he founded and led as president and CTO. Todd's first book, The Product-Led Organization: Drive Growth by Putting Product at the Center of Your Customer Experience, was released by Wiley in September 2020.

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Lara Mendonça

Head of Product Design, Bumble

Lara leads the product design team at Bumble. Her focus is on building a collaborative and diverse team, and empowering Bumble in their mission to help people build healthy, safe and equal relationships.

Before that, she worked in product design and branding for a range of companies, including TransferWise, HSBC, Mitsubishi and Sky. She also volunteered at Pride in London, leading the redesign of their website.

When she’s not working, you can find her reading fiction novels in public spaces, watching Scorsese films at home or travelling with her sister. Born and raised in Brazil, she currently lives in London with her family and her dog Miley.

...Read more

Jess Holbrook

Co-lead, People + AI Research, Google

Jess Holbrook is a founder and lead of Google’s People + AI Research group (PAIR) who focus on making AI partnerships productive, enjoyable, and fair. He and his team conduct human-AI interaction research, create open-source tools and platforms to build AI responsibly, and widen the circle of who can participate in the development and application of AI through publications and events.

Prior to joining Google, he was a UX Researcher at Amazon and Microsoft. He received his Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Oregon and his undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Washington.

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Sravanthi Kadali

Lead Product Manager, Lyft

Sravanthi is a Lead Product Manager at Lyft focused on Lyft’s rider app. She was most recently responsible for Lyft’s last two app redesigns in 2018 and 2019. Lyft’s full-scale 2018 redesign won a Google Material Design Award, and the 2019 update enabled Lyft to “surface all the transportation modes available” on the platform (from Lyft's Q3 2019 earnings call). An expert on experimentation for mobile user experiences, Sravanthi originally joined Lyft as a data scientist. Before that, Sravanthi studied public policy and computer science at Princeton, and she began her career reading screenplays at a film production company in LA before joining Capital One and then Lyft. Her other interests include psychology, music and writing.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Founder, Ness Labs

Anne-Laure Le Cunff is the founder of Ness Labs, a product and research studio with a focus on mindful productivity, helping hundreds of thousands of makers achieve more without sacrificing their mental health.

She is also an MSc of Applied Neuroscience candidate at King’s College London.

As an ex-Googler, entrepreneur, self-taught coder, and neuroscience student, her work focuses on offering tools, content, and coaching helping people be happier and healthier.

Anne-Laure runs Maker Mind, a weekly newsletter at the intersection of neuroscience and entrepreneurship, with more than 7,000 subscribers. Her work has been featured in WIRED, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and more.

...Read more

Mary Agbesanwa

Founder, Now You're Talking Network

Mary Agbesanwa is passionate about encouraging millennials to tap into their potential. Mary works as a Management Consultant at PwC UK advising financial services firms to help them solve operational and regulatory-driven problems. She also co-leads the firm’s Multicultural Business Network which celebrates the multiculturalism of PwC’s UK firm.

Outside of work, she blogs on her Medium blog, A Millennial’s Diary, about careers and personal development for millennials, and runs a female professional millennial community called Now You’re Talking. She was awarded Number 13 in the EMpower Top 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List, presented by the Financial Times and won the Aspiring Talent Award in the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year Awards in 2016.

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Alex Davis

Product and Growth , Mozilla

Alex has been building and growing products for 15 years. After co-founding and growing three startups, he moved on to a consulting role where he designed and optimized the referral loops for more than twenty well established e-commerces contributing up to 75% revenue growth.

Over the last 5 years, he’s led mobile growth for Mozilla Firefox and then product managed Firefox’s Accounts, Sync and Cloud Services teams. During this period, he played a core role in implementing an experimentation and data culture across both marketing and product organizations at Mozilla.

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Tam Finlay

Group Product Manager, Farewill

Tam is now Group Product Manager at Farewill, a London-based startup on a mission to change the way the world deals with death. His team has helped tens of thousands of people get their will sorted by building trustworthy, motivational, and accessible services. Over the last 3 years Farewill have grown to become the UK’s number 1 will writer, winning National Will Writing Firm of the Year 2019 and being named Europas Hottest Social Innovation 2020.

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Alex Watson

Head of Product , BBC News

Alex is Head of Product for BBC News and Weather. He and his team build and develop the BBC News website and apps in 41 languages, for a global audience of over 300m users a month. Over the last four years, the team has worked with BBC newsrooms around the world on an ambitious global growth programme, adding 12 new language services and re-platforming all of the World Service’s websites. In the UK, the News and Weather teams are key parts of the BBC’s efforts to reinvent public service media as personalised and relevant for the widest range of audiences. Prior to joining the BBC, Alex ran product teams at The Daily Telegraph and at Dennis Publishing. Before he became a product manager, he spent nine years as a technology journalist and freelance writer. One of these days he might finish a novel. 

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James Gill

CEO, GoSquared

James is the CEO of GoSquared, and dedicated to designing software that just works. GoSquared's goal is to make it easier for anyone to start and grow a SaaS business online. Something you won't find on LinkedIn: James is dangerously obsessed with Apple, to a point where he will often be found queuing for a new store opening, refreshing the Apple homepage, or just mindlessly playing with his iPad.

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Nimrod Priell

CEO & Founder, Radical

Nimrod Priell is advising the heads of product of $1B+-valued startups in fintech, cybersecurity and adtech, as well as investing in and advising seed-stage startups ranging across B2C, SaaS and marketplaces. He's been a product manager at Facebook after being acquired into the company.

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Matt Walton

CPO, FutureLearn

Matt is a digital product leader who likes to bring together and inspire a team to make the world a better place using technology. He’s one of FutureLearn’s founding team and Chief Product Officer. FutureLearn’s purpose is to transform access to education: it offers 14M registered learners affordable short courses, microcredentials and degrees from over 150 top universities and employers. 

Matt has grown the 70+ strong product management, technology and design function and is responsible for the product vision and direction of the platform. With twenty years of experience of developing digital products and leading teams, he’s been responsible for innovative websites and apps for the likes of the BBC, Harper Collins and BSkyB. 

Matt loves building Lego with his son, is occasionally accused of sounding like John Peel and only ever wears brown shoes.

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Martin Matuš

Lead Product Manager , Productboard

Martin Matus is a Lead Product Manager at productboard, the PM system that helps teams get the rights products to market, faster. With over 5 years of experience both from consulting at PwC and working with productboard customers, he has implemented & delivered digital solutions across various industries, areas and more. A lover of home brewed beer, all things Chinese, Martin brings his love for detail and excellence into his work, focusing on the Segmentation and Prioritization aspects of the PM tool.

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Lea Samrani

Product Lead, Uptime

Léa has been building digital products for almost a decade for mission lead organisations. She is currently Lead Product Manager at Uptime, an early day’s education start-up, who at a time of unlimited access to information aim to provide safe and curated knowledge optimised for your mind. Uptime launched during the Covid19 pandemic and went to undergo a strategic pivot soon after to better deliver on the mission.

Previously she was part of the product team behind Bumble & Badoo dating app used by over 500 million people all over the world and was heading the product & design team at CharityJob, building the leading career hub with jobs, courses, volunteering opportunities, mentorship advices and a social network for the non-for-profit sector.

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Teague Hopkins

Group Product Manager, Capital One

Teague Hopkins is an award-winning entrepreneur and educator on innovation and product management who helps companies do better by being more mindful. He puts the spotlight on the traps that our minds set for us and how we can avoid being brought down by our own biases. He has helped organizations including PBS, Together Against Malaria, and the Obama White House adopt more innovative approaches to solving human problems.

He has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs on behalf of the US Institute of Peace, the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and TechStars, helping them see past their preconceptions to identify and test their biggest risks.

...Read more

Hristina Racheva

Head of Localisation, Skyscanner

As a Head of Localisation at Skyscanner, Hristina’s main focus is building a strong localisation team and robust processes. Today, a team of over 15 localisation managers and engineers is building tailor-made solutions to enable Skyscanner’s teams build products and create experiences in over 35 languages.

Call her crazy but she thinks that localisation is a fascinating discipline and crucial for any business, being at the intersection of languages, technology, product, design and UX. And she is on a mission to get everyone else excited about it. After all, how can a business or a product be successful and truly global if it doesn’t respond to the needs of all its users no matter where in the world they are from or what language they speak.

Hristina is a strong believer in the power of building communities so when not solving problems for global travellers, she leads Locommunity, an online mentoring community for localisation professionals and co-hosts a Localisation Meetup in Barcelona. A global citizen at heart, she speaks 5 languages and has lived in 10 different countries, so far.

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João Craveiro

Senior Product Manager, Farfetch

João Craveiro has been a researcher, teacher, developer and product manager for over 12 years, having specialised in the past few years in product discovery and delivery for B2B products and platforms. He is currently a Senior Product Manager at Farfetch, the global technology platform for luxury fashion. Previous product management tenures include Onfido (helping build the platform for the new identity standard for the internet) and Premium Minds (discovering and delivering web, mobile and platform products for clients in multiple industries). He was also previously a Professor at Universidade Lusófona, a Software Engineer at Premium Minds, and a researcher/teaching assistant at Universidade de Lisboa.

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Amy Shore

Senior UX Consultant, Foolproof

Amy is a Senior UX consultant at Foolproof. She works within project teams, managing and delivering a range of user experience projects. Her focus is around gathering customer insight and developing findings into informed recommendations, which provide value for both clients and their customers. She has years of experience conducting and providing guidance across a range of methodologies.

A big part of her role at Foolproof is demonstrating the value of customer research to clients, working with them to integrate the voice on the customer into their projects and demonstrating how a user-centered design approach drives value for both the clients and their customers.  Amy's job allows her to channel her creative skills and natural curiosity to find out ‘why’ into considered design solutions that will ultimately enhance user experiences.

Before Foolproof Amy worked for 7 years across a range of roles in the retail industry. Much of the knowledge she gained working with users in the physical environment supports her thinking and approach to digital design challenges.

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Howard Gray

Founder, Wavetable

Howard is founder of Wavetable, a creative learning studio based in New York City. He's led learning experiences for teams at Spotify, IBM, Deloitte, and GE; is a member of the advisory board of SXSW; and produces the 'Tickets' podcast, exploring the intersection of education, entertainment and live experiences. Howard's eclectic background includes working in a Ministry of Defence technology lab; building two entertainment companies; and promoting raves in the forests of South East England. He's also on an ongoing search for the perfect breakfast.

...Read more

Jennifer Stott

Head of Design, Epsy Health

Jennifer leads design at Epsy –– a digital health management platform empowering people living with epilepsy, their caregivers and healthcare professionals to accelerate the pathway towards improved outcomes. Epsy's mission is to give the world a better way to live with epilepsy.

Despite being known to faint at the sight of blood, Jennifer joined the medical industry after 10 years of working on B2B and B2C products and a past life in advertising. Ambitious to bring together medtech and design, she believes it's a designer's responsibility to make an impactful change to the lives of those who need it.

...Read more

Matt LeMay

Co-Founder, Sudden Compass

Matt LeMay is the author of Agile for Everybody (O’Reilly Media, 2018) and Product Management in Practice (O'Reilly Media, 2017). He has helped build and scale product management practices at companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Matt was selected as a Top 50 Product Management influencer by the PM Year in Review for both 2016 and 2015. Previously, Matt worked as Senior Product Manager at music startup Songza (acquired by Google), and Head of Consumer Product at Bitly. Matt is also a musician, recording engineer, and the author of a book about singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife Joan and their turtle Sheldon.

...Read more

Lauren Weinstein

Founder & Lecturer, Resonate Coaching

Lauren Weinstein is a communication coach and consultant who works with executives, start-up founders, and product leaders across diverse industries.

For five years, Lauren taught one of the most popular classes at the Stanford Graduate School of Business –– The Essentials of Strategic Communication. She has a popular TEDTalk on overcoming limiting beliefs that is now approaching a million views and her articles on effective communication have been published in Harvard Business Review and Stanford’s GSB Insights

Through her company Resonate Coaching, Lauren works with private clients, helping them amplify their impact through powerful public speaking, leadership, and interpersonal communication skills. Lauren received her B.A. in psychology from Stanford University and her J.D. from Stanford Law School. She also studied coaching and leadership development at the international Coaches Training Institute.

...Read more

Gibson Biddle

Former VP Product, Netflix

Gibson was VP of Product at Netflix starting in 2005, then in 2010, he became the Chief Product Officer of Chegg, a textbook rental company that went public in 2014. Today, he’s an adviser for multiple consumer tech companies, and teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford.

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What people said

JAM isn't a product conference where everyone is trying to shine and make themselves look good but a meet-up of product lover here to be honest and helpful. They just do things differently and it's very much in phase with the new generation of Product people and that's why I love them.
Lea Samrani
Head of Product at CharityJob
JAM conference's philosophy speaks to my heart. They bring in new voices, cut through the clutter and help you Get shit done™.
Rachel Ilan
Senior Designer at Google
Brilliant conference @makingjam, my first time and am really impressed, great speakers, had a top day and gained a lot of insight. Really surpassed other (more expensive) Product conferences I’ve been to. Bravo 👏
Holly Niblett
Product Manager at carwow
JAM is an amazing place to meet those who experience the same work life as you. It's the perfect environment for learning and socialising with like minded people.
Leila Abidi
Senior Product Owner at Betway Group
The people, the energies, the location and the talks all made for a wonderful conference! The JAM team was awesome!
André Dantorp
Growth & Customer Success Manager
It's like a summer camp for product people. Fantastic opportunity to bond, go deep, get vulnerable and learn from each other. I guess that's what you get when you share everything for 3 days! Also the setting is just 👌🏾
Antoine Sakho
Head of Product at busuu
It was my first time attending JAM conference and it totally exceeded my expectations. The venue was incredible and the quality of the talks was superb. I cannot wait to join JAM Barcelona 2020!
Antonio González Sanchis
VP Product
Psyched for my first JAM conference today- best way to hone product management skillset is to hear examples /learnings from awesome product people #JamConf18 👌
Caroline Stretton
Product Owner at Lloyds Banking Group
Traditional tech conferences are about huge crowds, lousy name tags and tasteless coffee. Jam is just the opposite. I'll be back next year!
Chloe Donegan
Pre-Sales Engineer at Qubit
@makingjam scheduling of talks, allowing ample breaks, refueling & networking was spot on. Diverse, smoothly run & down-to-earth #JAMConf17
Christina Lai
UX Researcher at Rated People
JAM is a sweet spot between a meet-up and a bloated conference. It's a perfect way to break the daily routine, stop, reflect and think about the future. I love that the talks are based on real experiences - we're all going through the same challenges, and everyone has their own approach on tackling them.
Darius Matuliauskas
Head of B2B Product at TreatWell
This was such an amazing weekend! It was truly special to learn from, and be challenged by, such amazing peers: in talks and fireside chats, and over coffee, meals, and wine. I’m so glad that I decided to join this event, and that I met such brilliant people in such a lovely setting.
David McDougall
Managing Director
An incredible day! The people, the presentations and the PARTY! 600 product people in one room it's impossible not to learn something valuable.
Garry Clarke
Digital Product Lead
JAM was really interesting and fun (as opposed to a lot of events I go to). I turned up solo from abroad, but met heaps of people.
Greg Gibson
Product Owner at Lufthansa AirPlus
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